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Every Tattoo Artist who attempt has to join the elite ranks of the world-famous start out here, on the floor of a walk-in establishment, honing their techniques until they can open their own shop or move to greener pastures. They Tattoo Artists have a joke apprenticeship (or are self-taught) and have had to figure out almost all of their techniques solo, usually by experimentation.

This is evident with the Youngistaan Best Tattoo Studio inside the industry. We have many colloquially abusive names for them, which if you are clever enough you can probably figure out. Honestly, without any effort, you can figure it out. While I won’t be going into the idea of apprenticeships and what artists have come to know as the norm in this article, I will jump into it later and put a link here when it is completed.

These new tattoo artists and trained Tattoo Artists alike approach their job with the same enamored glee as a stalker lurking in the bushes. Get that money and Turn and burn.

We as the tattoo artists work in the service industry. Our product is a form of art that you, our friendly and discerning will sport for your lifetime. Our service may speak for itself but, we as a Best Tattoo Artist have come to a point where service is focused upon lastly and the idea of being an artist is paramount. 
                    What do I mean by that? Well, to start, how many friends do you know that have gotten a tattoo? Lots right! Out of those friends, how many of them openly talk about how wonderful the entire experience was, not just the end result? This is where we as Best Tattoo Designer, tattoos, ink slingers, tat gods, and rock stars need to focus our attention.

I understand, not every Tattoo Maker works in an elite, top-shelf city shop with gilded wall coverings and an international presence. The vast majority works inside a simple street shop and have ambitions of becoming great. Some people really do not have the time to get into the meat and potatoes of a client’s request. Whether it is an overbearing shop owner, stress from life or just a general unwillingness to connect with a client, time is money… Right!? What you can do is create a short checklist that ensures you are doing your due diligence when first connecting with a client.

Custom your Tattoo
  • How would you feel if your home builder just traced a home plan off of Google and started mocking up your custom built home that you saved so much money, for so long, to build?
  • Would you enjoy the “custom” craftsmanship? I think not.
  • Take your time and focus on what is at hand. Something permanent that is not for you.
  • Have you taken the time to ask questions and get a good feel for the client?
  • Do you know how long they saved to get this tattoo?
  • Are they sacrificing something to pay you for your expertise?
  • Get past your ego and give this paying and possibly adoring fans something that they will enjoy for a lifetime rather than crushing a design off.
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